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A native Vermonter, Emily was raised in a log cabin nestled into the rolling hills of the Worcester mountain range. She spent much of her childhood exploring the countryside on horseback and swimming in the frigid mountain rivers. Growing up in a family of artists and craftsman, she developed a hunger for creativity, and a passion for creating things with her hands. Emily has experience working in many different mediums, ceramics, jewelry and woodworking to name a few, but her true passion remains deeply rooted in stained glass. 


Emily learned the art of stained glass through an independent study in high school, mentored by Chris Jeffrey, a renowned stained glass artist based in central Vermont. Emily attributes much of her success as an artist and personal growth to the close friendship that she and Chris have maintained in the years following her study. Since opening her studio in Barre, Vermont, Emily has gone on to mentor both middle and high school students in the same program she learned in years ago, finding great happiness providing a positive learning environment in which to share her love of stained glass. 


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